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Web Developer

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I design and implement user-friendly Websites for companies using the Wordpress CMS. As a developer I am skilled in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Based on my understanding of these skills, I create and implement functional and attractive websites for my clients. I develop both front-end and back-end for the website which includes the implementation of Wordpress plugins and themes as well as security updates and site integrations

IT Specialist

Along with Web Development, I have a Bsc. in Information Technology majoring in Networking & Security. As an IT Specialist, through Tech Support roles I have gained experience in using different operating systems and configuring, troubleshooting various Network devices, Servers, User issues and so on. Since, I'd like to pursure a career in Cyber Security as an Analyst, I am currently pursuing the Security+ certificate and trying to get in depth knowledge of security measures surrounding different technologies.

Blog Writer

As I have a passion for writing and sharing knowledge, I created a blog to share what I have learned over the years on various Tech related and non-tech related topics. Renowned Canadian Psychologist Dr. Jordan B. Peterson mentions that the best way to learn critical thinking is to write. In IT documentation is extemely necessary for everything created/developed so that other users have the know-how to use it later. My Blog is the documentation of my learning process.

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Who I am

Web Developer and IT Specialist based in Dubai

I am a 24 year old Web Developer and IT Specialist based in Dubai establishing my career in Cyber Security.

As the tech industry is ever growing and every device and piece of data is moving online and the Cloud infrastructure is evolving, Security has become one of the core components to maintain the infrastructure of a company. My aim is to help organizations protect their data and raise Cyber threat awareness thorugh a Cyber Security Analyst role.

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My Work

Websites created on Wordpress